What Platform Do I Start With?

Answering a Friend’s Question

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4 min readMay 2, 2023
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I received this question from a dear friend,

I really want to bring another revenue stream into our household fast! What platform would be the most monthly inexpensive to create a website where I can promote myself, blog, and sell my own ebooks and possible curriculums?

I hope this information is helpful. I used to earn an income as a writer back in the printed publication days. :)
I shelved writing to focus on building a company, and now I am starting over, rebuilding my writing income all over again. It feels like ground zero, but there’s still some audience left from my glory days. Here’s what I have learned on the “where to start” front so far.

Where to Create?

I have tried just about every platform out there. Here are my personal favs:

  • Medium (Personal Learnings + Self-Help stuff like this post)
  • Facebook (Picture This Clothing)
  • Instagram (Coffee With Jaimee)
  • Substack (Under the Hem: An attempt to combine Personal Learnings + Picture This Clothing in a useful way, hopefully leveraging my email list of +25k subscribers.)



☕️ Coffee With Jaimee

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