Chronicles of Our Desert Homestead–Ch. 3

So Much Stuff

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We did a lease-back of the homestead house to the original owners, Jim and Jan, for sixty days.

Thirty of those days have nearly passed, Jim and Jan still have no idea where they are going to be moving.

Ken and I have been helping them pack box after box of stuff. Did I mention they have SO MUCH STUFF! It’s a full on hoarders situation, with the note that there’s not a lot of garbage. Just mass accumulation and a psychological barrier that prevents letting go. Even though the sale of this stuff likely could have prevented the foreclosure process they were in the process of when we bought the place.

Here are some shots of “stuff” (and this only represents about 1/15th of what’s going on):

We’ve also been helping keep the house clean because, with their health situation, they aren’t managing that part too well on their own.

Sixty days seemed like it should be plenty of time, but reality is setting in. We might end up with adopted grandparents forever.

At the same time, trying to move things forward in the shop has been one obstacle after another.

The electricians, who took most of August to provide us with an estimate, dragged out the follow-up on how soon they could get the needed part. When I inquired further, they informed us that they no longer have time to work with us.
It was a $13k estimate, which may be small potatoes to them, but it is a big deal to us as a small independent shop.

So, we’re starting over there.

We were supposed to have a gravel delivery last Wednesday to receive our second Conex storage box, but I forgot to email the signed invoice back by Thursday. So that’s delayed at least into this week.

That one is on me. Ooof.

Our shop here in Las Vegas — we ended up extending into September on a month-to-month lease status because even if we did move the equipment, we can’t get it connected until we get new electricians out to put in the required…



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