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The Final Song of My Music Memories Challenge

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Apple Studio Display 17” Graphite Monitor Hard Drive Complete. Image source

I went many years without listening to Manu Chao, but I resurrected the Clandestino album a couple of years ago after Ken and I opened our own shop and made a mega playlist to work to. When the song “Bongo Bong” came on, it was like being sucked back in time through a wormhole.

Web days, startup life, Foster City, CA, year 2001.

One of the two people left on the production team after three rounds of layoffs.

Working sixteen to eighteen-hour days behind an Apple M6496 Studio Display 17” Graphite Monitor to get web-based sales demos put together for the marketing team, even when I had a fever of 102°F.

Powered by Dr. Pepper, brown sugar Pop Tarts, and Manu Chao blasting on the CD player.

I was 25 years old. I didn’t think twice about working like this (I wasn’t happy about the time I had that fever, but I rationalized it as “people were counting on me,” and I could be counted on.)

I have a lot of great memories of this time, but so much has changed. I still work a lot, but I’ve been setting my own pace and boundaries for well over a decade. My food choices have changed drastically. I think that era of my life was a significant building block in my life, but wow. What a life chapter!

Is there a song that takes you back to a completely different version of YOU?

☕️ Jaimee

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